The WINNETKA Literacy Program of SCLC is an innovative educational system within a private school setting that aims to recruit and educate disadvantaged schoolchildren from slum areas aged 10-16 who have not undergone formal schooling. Its vision is to allowing them to contribute as productive individuals into the community, and avoid consequences of illiteracy such as crime and vices. The Winnetka program combines academic, creative arts and livelihood to prepare them for admittance to an appropriate level within the public school system.

Through careful documentation of their academic and social progress, the program is designated as a special pre-project activity by the Department of Education and is supported by local and international assistance. It is designed to assist around 56 private schools in Muntinlupa to improve the literacy of disadvantaged children.

The primary purpose of the 2-year course is to teach scholars how to read and write. Most of these children and teenagers have not gone to any school because of the inability of their parents to support their education due to poverty. In the City of Muntinlupa alone near Manila in the National Capital Region , it is estimated that more than a thousand poor illiterate juveniles roam the streets, beg for alms and frequented garbage dumpsites foraging whatever recyclable trash which when sold is barely enough to buy food for their aching empty bellies.

The essence of the Winnetka Program is that each student competes with only himself at a rate in each subject commensurate with his ability with that subject. Since Winnetka occurs within the traditional curriculum of the SCLC (which caters to tuition paying students), the Winnetka students are transferred to the traditional curriculum at appropriate times depending on their acquired ability, allowing students to compete only with themselves. SCLC provides three curriculum tracks: traditional, Winnetka, and a creative curriculum in which all children participate together (music, art, weaving and baking). Another element of the Winnetka Literacy Program is that the students are encouraged to participate in chores of the school supervised by the custodian after classes to inclulcate a sense of ownership.

The program has 2 years maximum training for each scholar. During this period, those scholars who pass the DepEd yearly Philippine Education Placement Test (PEPT) will receive SCLC help to enrol in a regular elementary public school. Older children near 16 years of age are assumed to have received enough vocational training to facilitate entry into the job market. Winnetka also provide basic support to the students (books, writing materials etc.) during enrollment in the public school system, and also provide guardian and parental basic resources support. The program includes values formation and spiritual upbringing of scholars. Every Friday afternoon, the scholars join the regular primary class in a Chapel Hour to worship God, listen to Bible stories and sing praises to the Lord. A solid meal is prepared and served daily before the start of the classes for 3 levels in the afternoon. In keeping up with the commitment to offer livelihood training, the sewing class started in mid 2009 with the acquisition of two sewing machines through UN/NGO support. The scholars are taught to sew rugs and sell them for added income. The scholars also learn creative arts and other hand-made crafts. Computer training are given to older scholars for IT related work opportunity in the future.

SCLC is under the SUMMIT EVANGELISTIC APOSTOLIC MINISTRIES. INC.(SEAM) in the Philippines. A full-gospel denomination with a mission to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Part of the mission is to give education to the disadvantaged and illiterate children and youth of the immediate community of each local circuits. SCLC believes in the holistic approach in bringing Christ to every man’s heart, thus enabling him to live above all obstacles in life by enriching spiritual, moral and physical values through proper and adequate education. Children of all faiths are welcome to join the student body. Though the school (SCLC) is under the auspices of SEAM, the Winnetka Literacy Program is non- sectarian and people and children of all walks of life and religion are welcome to benefit from this literacy program for the poor.


The school is approved by the Department of Education under the supervision of Summit Evangelistic Apostolic Ministries Inc. (S.E.A.M.) and is registered with the SEC, undergoes an annual financial audit. The school structure includes a Board of Trustees, a CEO at large, Administrator onsite, part time social workers and Principal as well as an adequate teaching staff on salary and partial volunteer status.


321 San Guillermo St. Bayanan, Muntinlupa City Philippines 1772
E-mail Address :
Tel. 862-3534


Muntinlupa City, Manila


Illiterate disadvantaged schoolchildren from slum areas aged 10-16 who have not undergone formal schooling.


The WINNETKA Literacy Program started March of 2008 and at present providing literacy, creative arts and livelihood training to about 25 disadvantaged illiterate children ages 10-16 coming from poor families. The program was able to endorse about 9 scholars of the first batch to public schools after finishing the 2-year program. At present, the program is handling around 25 scholars. All are provided with school uniforms, school supplies, one solid meal a day and medical/dental needs. The program is also designed to assist around 56 private schools in Muntinlupa to improve the literacy of disadvantaged children.


You may send donations to:
HSBC Madrigal Alabang
Acc. 080-247638-040

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