The Union Church of Manila (Philippines) Foundation, Inc. (UCMPFI)

The Union Church of Manila (Philippines) Foundation, Inc. (UCMPFI) is a non-government, non-profit organization established in 1997 to help underserved sectors of the community attain a better quality of life. Upon its founding, the incorporators and trustees agreed to focus the organization’s efforts and resources on the areas of education and values-formation for specific population groups, i.e., children and youth.
Mission and Vision

CENEP Children during their visit at the UCM Library.

UCMPFI’s mission is to embark on programs that address the problems of at-risk children and youth and to invite the participation of their parents or guardians in their holistic development. Its vision is to help forge a brighter and healthier future for children and youth from underserved groups.


Since its activation in 1997, UCMPFI has embarked on a number of programs that have consistently carried out its fundamental objectives. The following are its ongoing programs.

• The Child Education and Nutrition Enhancement Program (CENEP) is a teaching and feeding program for pre-school children established according to Department of Education (DepEd) guidelines. Currently, CENEP has two project areas—one in Mandaluyong City and the other in Tondo, Manila.
• Through the Graces to Ensure Elementary and Secondary Education (GEESE) program, UCMPFI provides assistance in the form of full scholarships to disadvantaged youth of high school age who would otherwise drop out of school due to lack of funds.
• UCMPFI works with the Makati Schools Division of DepEd in the implementation of a non-formal program called Literacy Accreditation and Continuing Education (LACE). This project enables youth and adults who desire to qualify for the next higher level of formal education obtain accreditation from DepEd even if they are not able to enroll in the formal education system.
• Further support is provided to young people and adults who are not able to continue their formal education through the Learning Support Delivery System (LSDS), a program under the DepEd’s Alternative Learning System.
• UCMPFI integrates into all of its formal and alternative educational programs values formation and life-enriching activities such as field trips and seminar-workshops. Parents, teachers, and caregivers are also regularly provided values formation education as well as livelihood training.

Operating Procedure

A Board of Trustees lays down policies and guidelines consistent with UCMPFI’s mission, vision, and incorporation documents.

A Working Committee (WC) oversees and monitors the implementation of the Foundation’s programs and activities. This group meets quarterly and sees to it that members attend the monitoring and evaluation of activities quarterly or annually as necessitated by the activities of each project.

A Project Coordinator (PC) oversees and coordinates with partners in the different projects. The PC makes regular monitoring visits to each project to confer with the partners who work on the project. She reports to the WC on the status of each project and does the miscellaneous work necessary to keep the project working smoothly including keeping accurate records and reporting to the Board of Trustees through the Working Committee.


Are you a member of the Association of Foundations? No PCNC Yes
Are you registered with the Security and Exchange Commission? Yes



Contact Person:

Emmy Huang, Chairman, Working Committee
Hyacinth Dadap, Project Coordinator
Email Address:,,
Tel. No. : 8126062 loc 270
Mobile No.: 0916-2430827


• Underprivileged and undernourished children of pre-school age
• Underprivileged youth in high school
• Underprivileged youth and adults seeking to gain literacy and elementary or high school equivalency.
• Residents of communities where our pre-school programs are located through periodic medical missions.


As of August 31, 2011, UCMPFI had supported the following beneficiaries:
• 984 pre-school children under CENEP
• 107 high school students under GEESE
• 434 youth and adults under LACE
• 212 youth and adults under LSDS
• 8,476 individuals through the medical missions


a. SKILLS – people who can work with pre-school children especially in feeding and tutoring them; people who can suggest and cook nutritious but economical meals; medical personnel

b. KNOWLEDGE- people who can train in values formation and income-generating activities



CENEP – assistance in the classroom, e.g. preparing food for the children, setting up classrooms, joining field trips as “guardians”, participating in special celebrations such as being a language speaker during the “Linggo Ng Wika” programs. We also welcome speakers for our monthly seminars for the parents and guardians of our CENEP children on special topics relating to family and parenting concerns, managing one’s time and financial resources, and related topics and also speakers during the graduation programs of the children.

GEESE – speakers at the retreat for our scholars on issues related to life skills, discerning one’s career path, discerning one’s gifts, and other character-building topics.

LACE – speakers at the retreat for our learners on dealing with life’s challenges and related concerns.

MEDICAL MISSIONS – doctors of varying fields (e.g., family doctors, dermatologists, pediatricians, dentists, eye doctors), nurses, volunteers to assist in the registration of patients and assist the medical team in their work.


UCMPFI can provide its annual Financial Statements prepared by an external auditing firm with SEC and BIR receipts. Also, the Treasurer of the Board is more than willing to sit down with any supporter or financial provider to explain how the funds of the organization are being applied.


• For its periodic medical missions, UCMPFI welcomes medicines and medical supplies.
• For its feeding program, kitchen and eating utensils and supplies are highly appreciated.
• UCMPFI provides its pre-school beneficiaries and high-school scholars with school supplies. These too would be welcome.

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