FH Philippines

FH Philippines was started in 1978 in response to God’s call to help the Viet namese refugees who came to Manila because of Viet nam war. A total of 25 Viet namese families were assisted through the Child Sponsorship Program (CSP). When the Philippine Government received funding from the United Nations in 1980 the Vietnamese families were transferred to Morong Bataan. Sponsorship was transferred to Filipino indigent children because during that time there was an increasing problem in the Metropolis, growing slums, unemployment and calamities in the Philippines. FH Philippines was registered at the Security and Exchange Commission in 1992.

FH Philippines started its operation in the National Capital region serving the districts of Manila, Paranaque and Quezon City.CERTIFICATES AND VERIFICATION

Are you a member of the Association of Foundations? Not yet a member

Are you registered with the Security and Exchange Commission? Registered to SEC since 1992

Link to official website: http://www.fh.org

Link to donation page: http://www.fhphilippines.org/html/getInvolved.html, http://www.fh.org/typhoonpedring

Contact Person:

Owen Rea
Telephone / Cellphone(632) 247-4186
Region: NCR, Regions III, IV, V
Email: philippines@fh.org
Website: http://fhphilippines.org/


Focus on children but equipping and empowering families, leaders, communities and churches to address children’s needs.


Child-Focused Community Transformation thru sectoral initiatives (education, livelihood, disaster & relief, Health & Nutrition)


Social worker, people who want to sponsor or be a partner in our activities/projects; students, academic professionals with passion to help children and the poor.

SKILLS – specific skills: teaching, videography, graphic arts and layouting, marketing/advertising.


Hello everyone! We would like to invite you to get to know us and our work. You can visit our website or email us for your additional queries. Thank you and God bless!

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