House of Refuge

*Founded on Hope

House of Refuge began when a group of fervent individuals encountered street children who had been abandoned, neglected or maltreated by their own families. Prodded by a heartfelt resolve, this auspicious event birthed a halfway house in September 21, 1986, which gave shelter and provided the basic needs for street kids. The halfway house was named Bahay Kanlungan in 1990. In the following year, it became a licensed child-caring institution, which adopted the name House of Refuge Foundation, Inc. The HORFI has gone a long way from the first batch of 7 street kids in 1986. Since its inception, House of Refuge has served more than 1000 children and currently cares for 36 children with ages ranging from 4 to 17 years old.

*Committed to Serve

House of Refuge is driven by the desire to nurture street children in the Christian faith and enable them to discover their gifts and purpose in life; develop an excellent self-image and sustain healthy relationships with others; and develop the capacity in carrying out significant choices in life. HORFI goes beyond the provision of a home atmosphere and basic necessities. It believes that nourishment of the spirit, mind, and body is vital in facilitating meaningful change in the kids. Its emphases on spiritual nurture, formal and informal education, and the martial and soft arts are consistent with the vision of enabling the kids under its fold to not just become survivors but positive contributions to society.

*Take Part in the Vision

Partnering with HORFI does not only lessen harmful activities in the street. More importantly, every life that is transformed by your partnership stands as an example of hope for the nation. Each transformed life is a message against despair and a message that great possibilities can be the future of the Filipino. Today, several multi-sectoral institutions as well as local and international volunteers continue to partner with us in the vision. HORFI continue to invite more individuals and groups to join its mission to give hope to the many children who still need help. Every monetary and in-kind support received by HORFI will sustain the educational, health and other basic needs of the children.

*Sealed with Excellence

Duly registered with SEC on March 25, 1991, the House of Refuge Foundation, Inc. is also registered, licensed and accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and is thus a recognized partner in providing quality care for children who are abandoned, neglected, orphaned and abused. On March 24, 2003, the DSWD granted House of Refuge is also well recognized in the community of childcare and social work and is accredited in the following institutions: Association of Child-caring Institutions of the Philippines (ACCAP), National Council for Social Development Foundation, Inc.,(NCSD) and Area Based Standards Network (ABSNET) organized and headed by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

* Programs

House of Refuge has 3 major programs; Residential Care, Legal Adoption and Independent Living for older children.

Under Residential Care Program, the following services are offered to children:

1. Formal and non-formal education
2. Health Care and Nutrition
3. Socio-cultural and Recreational Activities
4. Character Building and Spiritual Nourishment
5. Psychological Evaluation and therapy
6. Home-life
7. Life Skills training and preparation for independent living
8. Intensive adoption preparation for children
9. Social Work Interventions/from professional Social Workers
10. Volunteer Services

* Clientele:

House of Refuge has the capacity to care for 36 children, male or female, ages 4 to 17 years old, who are abandoned, neglected, orphaned, abused, male or female, who came from any point of Luzon. House of Refuge also provides special services to its children 16 years old and above through independent living program and educational assistance up to college.


To pursue and promote the total well being of client children and enable them to become well-adjusted, productive citizens who have a strong Christian foundation


We are an effective Christian child-caring institution where our client children are nurtured in the Christian faith and provided opportunities to:

1. Develop or regain healthy self-esteem and maintain good interpersonal relationship
2. Acquire basic skills for daily living
3. Develop a capability to effect meaningful changes in their lives with the help of skilled,
knowledgeable and mature Christian workers


• To provide temporary residential care in an atmosphere approximating a normal Christian Home to orphaned and abused children
• To nurture and enrich the spiritual lives of client children
•To inculcate moral values and positive attitudes
•To provide other basic needs for food, clothing and medical services
•To provide educational opportunities whether formal or informal
•To prepare children for placement in alternative family care
•To pursue legal procedures as needed


Are you a member of the Association of Foundations? No

Are you registered with the Security and Exchange Commission? Yes

Link to official website:

Link to donation page


#24 Parinas Street, Road 20 Brgy. Bahay Toro,Project 8 Quezon City (Philippines)
Telephone Numbers:+632 6926044
Telefax: +632 3518628
Mobile Number: +632 9279258664 or 632 9086479038
E-mail Address:


Children ages 4 to 15 years old, abandoned, neglected, orphaned and street children


Any individual, companies, schools, churches who have compassion and love for children

SKILLS – specific skills: teaching, sports, music and arts, carpentry

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