Helping the nation is just one click away

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am Dr Jasmin Jamora. I am a dermatologist by profession but recently chose to create a website called, which is going to serve as a directory or clearinghouse of not-for-profit Philippines-based causes, advocacy groups and non-government organizations, faith-based or otherwise. This will serve as a virtual repository to collect and store data that can be accessed by Filipinos and other people interested to help and serve the Philippines worldwide.
The general objective of the website is to encourage volunteerism among Filipinos and to revive the “bayanihan” spirit in the Philippines. Specific objectives include continuing to market the website as a means to encourage volunteerism in the Philippines, especially among the youth and also to Filipinos abroad, such as balikbayans interested to volunteer during home visits.  Through the website, we hope to INCREASE THE POOL OF VOLUNTEERS and INCREASE DONATIONS for the various organizations. This website will link directly to advocacy group official websites and donation links. NO money will pass through
I hope you will consider including your organization in our directory. This is a free service offered to you. If you agree to be featured on our site, kindly fill in the form below and submit to me at I am excited to hear from you and hope you will join hands to elevate our country.




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